Venedig Biennalen

"101 statements about biodiversity", Venice 2017

European Cultural Centre

Palazzo Mora, 13 may - 26 november 2017

Contrary to my usual practice I have for this exhibition chosen to create a work with a very normative title. The 100 sculptures have in common that they consist of a well-defined space in the shape of a test tube. They are all done in Savonnières limestone and for some of the objects wood, hair, thorns and hedgehog spines have been added. Although the sculptures are defined by a common denominator they are all different.In a showcase I have placed a somewhat larger work made of Savonnières limestone and horsehair and this strict arrangement of the works contrasts and underlines the organic and uncontrolled character or essence of the works themselves.

My participation in the exhibition is made possible by the support of Krogager Fonden, Knud Højgaards Fond and J. Lauritzens eftf.